As an autodidact, I started to compose music around my 19th year, inspired by life and composers as Vangelis, Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone. At an age of 26 I joined the Koninklijke Zangvereniging Mastreechter Staar, one of the most famous male choirs in the Netherlands. Beside my preference for New Age, Electronical, Classical and Film Music, I also created a huge love for Choir Music.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to borrow a DSLR camera. While I was not able to borrow the DSLR camera during the summer holidays, I decided to buy one myself. In 2010 I bought a Canon 50D. Besides of photography, I also became interested in making video recordings with a DLSR camera. That’s why I decided to replace my Canon 50D by a Canon 7D in 2013. While I like to photograph all kinds of things, I think I can call myself an allround photographer. In my photo albums you mainly see photos of city visits, events and walks through nature.

In 2008 I started the study Communication & Multimedia Design. In this period I discovered and developed my love for creativity and design. During this education we were focussed on developing user-friendly multimedia products. Multimedia products in its broadest sense. You can think about creating audiovisuals, games, graphics and websites.

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